14 Best WordPress Advertising Management Plugins 

Managing advertisements on WordPress used to be a terrible job earlier. You had to take the help of third parties for the same. But with the advancement of the WordPress Advertising Management Plugins, it became very convenient to manage the ads or even create ads on WordPress.

Now you might wonder why maintaining a banner/advertisement is such an important job? That is, these advertisements are responsible for generating revenue and traffic for your website. As more and more people visit your site for the content, you can manage the Ads strategically to earn more and more money from it.

Now, with these WordPress Banner Ad Management Plugins, managing your website traffic and your ads have become a very quick and easy job.

There are a number of plugins available to manage banner Ads for WordPress. Lets take a look:

Best Ad Management WordPress Plugins


WordPress Advertising Plugins

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WP-Insert allows the user to manage ads efficiently and quickly. With this WordPress Ad plugin, you can easily customize the placements of your ad and time the display or hide the ad whenever you feel like just by a few clicks.

This is an ad manager that is specifically suitable for beginners, as the rules for the details of posting the ads and displaying them are provided in a separate section for the convenience of starters. This ad manager is available online, completely free of cost.

WP Pro Advertising System


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Popup banners and Corner peel ads look really fascinating and interesting in case of certain web pages and WP Pro makes the best use of that strategy itself. This is a very comprehensive approach for WordPress Ad management and it makes the advertisements most responsive for the purpose.



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Ad-Sanity is another widely used Ad Management Plugin for WordPress. It is a very user-friendly manager, where you are provided with almost all information regarding the ads that you post.

You can manage both your external network as well as image link ads with the help of this plugin. You can even manage your ad groups. However, this fantastic plugin is not available free of cost; they charge you a nominal amount for the same.



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The custom features and the alert system of WordPress Ad Rotator are simply excellent to manage Ads. It helps you to analyze your ads and keeps you aware of their performance. It also portrays the performance in the form of graphs for your benefit. Then again, if there is some fault in the advertising procedure or any kinds of problems, AdRotate immediately notifies you, and you can rectify it in your best interest.

Overall AdRotate is a very active WordPress Ad manager, and there are regular updates for the same to keep up with the increasing demands and requirements of advertisements. AdRotate has a flexible display for ads, and you can change and alter it as per your need.


WP125 Ads Management Plugin

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The 125X125 ads are managed pretty well using this WordPress Plugin for managing Ads. This is one of the most popular WordPress Ad management plugins that people are opting these days. They reason being that the features of this plugin are just right for ad management even for first-timers.

The main attractive feature of this WordPress Ads plugin in that it gives email reminders to you in case any ad is about to expire. This is something which is very useful as many times we tend to forget the validity of each and every ad on our website. Thus, with WP125, we can keep a track of it right at our fingertips.

WP Adcenter

WP Adcenter

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Customizing the position and placement of your ads and altering them as per your requirement is very convenient when you are using WP Adcenter as the plugin for managing the ads on your website. You can collect payments from the ads directly and automatically.

Addition of banners and adjustment of ads as well as removing them as per requirement is quite easy with this Ad management plugin. This saves you time as well as effort while managing the ads on your website. WP Adcenter is available at an affordable price.

Insert Post Ads


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This is the simplest form of Banner Ad management plugin for WordPress that has been specially designed for beginners. As most of you will be aware that ads within posts are the most efficient forms of advertisements because they have the highest conversion rates and earns the maximum revenue for the advertising website thus this plugin is so useful.

It allows the user to insert posts within ads without having to alter the whole ad taken together. This not just saves time, energy and effort, but also money. This is because otherwise creating new updated advertisements would cost you some bucks.

AdPress – WordPress Ads Plugin

AdPress WordPress Advertising Plugin

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AdPress is a very extensively used Ad Manager plugin for WordPress users. The design and performance of this premium ad manager go hand in hand. This is one of the best WordPress Advertising plugins that makes you self-sufficient in case of handling ads on your website.

The payments are also handled directly with the help of PayPal. Notifications for ads are made on your WordPress dashboard. And, in the process you can keep track of all the advertisements on your webpage at once.

OIO Publisher


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With OIO Publishers as the WordPress plugin for your Ad management, you can have the ultimate control of your ad space. The best thing about this plugin is that it is entirely automated, and the highest revenue can be generated by the tactful use of this plugin from your website.

Another very useful feature of OIO Publishers is that it provides maximum support and free updates for the users at large. This is one of the leading plugins for WordPress that are available today.

Advanced Ads


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The Filters for this Advanced Ad has been created such that you can display and hide any particular Ad from the website at any point of time, quickly and easily based on your requirement. This Ad plugin also provides all information regarding each advertisement on your website and analyzes and helps you analyze the statistics.

You can manage your ads and be aware of the amount you receive from the ads on your website as well as the popularity of individual ads among the viewers taken together. You can change and customize it as per your requirement at any point of time as well.

Ad Injection


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The custom or the regular display of ads has never been as suitable and profitable as it is with the use of this Ad Injection management plugin. You can block or promote ads as and when you want at ease. Basically, with this plugin you can easily inject any kinds of advertisements onto your website without any trouble. The display of ads with this ad manager is very creative as well as flexible.

60 Seconds Ad Manager

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As the name suggests, you can manage ads with this WP plugin just within a minute. It is very convenient using this plugin. 60 Seconds Ad manager is pretty user-friendly and a very accessible and convenient ad manager these days. Single, as well as multiple ad formats, are supported by this plugin.

This is one of the quickest WordPress Ads plugin available in the present day. This is very powerful and swift in comparison to all other Ad manager plugins available for WordPress these days.

Geo Ads Switcher Plugin


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This WordPress Advertising plugin makes use of the best form and strategy for optimizing the advertisements on a website. With this plugin, you can select your target audience. The plugin can be used for targeting at least ten countries and even worldwide.

If your web page consists of different sets information that is useful for a different individual around the world that is when Geo-targeting are you major advertising strategy then Geo ads Switcher Plugin is the one you should opt for. This, in turn, will get you the maximum recognition and revenue for your advertisements as it reaches your target audience.

WP Ad-Punch

WordPress Ads Plugin AdPunch

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With this WordPress plugin for managing Ads, you can have an accurate control over the time, duration and form in which your viewers can see the ads on your web page. You can even highlight your ads and make it even more prominent for the viewers so that in no case can they overlook any particular ad at a certain point.

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Over to You

These WordPress Advertisement management plugins have made it very convenient for the WordPress users to manage the Ads. And there is absolutely no need to consult any professionals or third-party for the task. Now you can do it yourself as per your requirement and not have to wait for anyone’s assistance.

Choose judiciously from the range of plugins that are appropriate for your purpose and earn huge revenue. Ads are very useful for your website, so use them and manage them wisely. Think before you choose your suitable plugin to manage your ads for WordPress.

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