Split testing or A/B is a recognized method to compare two separate versions of a WordPress theme on any web page to compare their performance. Users display one or the another at the same time to similar kind of visitors and choose the winner by seeing the conversion rate of both.

If you are thinking that testing a website would be a tough process and require a lot of technical knowledge, then let us inform you that there are multiple WordPress plugins available that do all the hard work for you and provide you fast results quickly. Here in this article, we have listed some of the best A/B split test plugins for WordPress websites that are being used by thousands of users globally, let’s have a look.

Best WordPress Split Testing Tools

#1. Optimizely


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It is an excellent option to enhance the performance of your WordPress site via A/B testing. Optimizely provides you an easy to use interface which helps you to create experiments in few minutes without having any coding knowledge. You can take the assistance of Optimizely to configure your website by using this plugin.

Once you set up your account on Optimizely.com, embed the Project code on the configuration page of the plugin and start working. The plugin is made for testing headlines, and you have no need to leave WordPress to create new experiments or view their results.

#2. Neilo A/B Testing


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Neilo A/B Testing is a robust and flexible A/B testing solution which is easy to set up and integrates HeatMap. It shifts all the processing load from your server to its cloud so that your website’s performance doesn’t get affected. The plugin lets the user create and keep track of their experiments directly from the WordPress and packs a simple yet intuitive user interface. The plugin includes an A/B testing tool which provides the facility of Headline Experiments. It allows theme and CSS testing in a simple manner. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce too.

#3. WP A/B Theme Conversion Testing

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If you want to figure out that which theme generates more leads, than this plugin is recommended for you. WP A/B Theme Conversion Testing lets you switch themes for each user and get reports based on the number of views, number of conversion and percentage of transformation. You can showcase multiple WordPress themes from a selected set to every visitor and also adjust the timing as per your choice. One by one you can run the unlimited test and also track conversion by just placing a shortcode.

#4. Marketizator

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Marketizator is one of the best WordPress A/B testing plugin available to enhance the conversion rate of your site and provides an easy solution to convert a visitor into a subscriber or buyer. You can use this plugin to create A/B testing experiments, personalized messages to convey useful messages for your viewers and develop interest among them about a particular offer and online surveys to know the opinion of viewers. The plugin is easy to use, and there is no coding knowledge required to get the most out of it.

#5. Simple Page Tester


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As the name suggests, Simple Page Tester plugin provides fast and simple functionality for WordPress split testing. The plugin is free to download, easy to setup and comes with a smart menu that guides users through the setup process in a convenient way. The plugin follows the Webmaster Guidelines set by Google, which eventually improves your search engine rankings.

In free edition, you can always use Goals system and online calculators for conversion tracking and upgrade to the premium version to get additional conversion features like conversion tracking and much more.

#6. Formidable A/B Tests


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Formidable A/B Tests is a powerful plugin lets users run their own A/B tests on forms that are created using Formidable Pro by applying a shortcode. You can add the shortcode on the page or widget area where you want the two alternate forms to show randomly and see the results to track the conversion rate. You can stop the test when you get sufficient data by replacing the shortcode. You can also reset the old test data and start a new one by just pressing a button.

#7. AB Tasty


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AB testy is another powerful WordPress plugin for split testing that allows users to compare different versions of the same webpage. Users get real-time results to compare the performance more efficiently and provide a better experience for the viewers.

Your marketing team can easily modify the pages of websites and make several new versions to test without any coding knowledge due to the graphic editor. The powerful and intuitive reporting interface lets the user set the own parameters such as purchase, completion of the form, etc. and analyze the data based on that.

#8. Split Test URL Rotator Plugin

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Split Test URL Rotator is a perfect solution to increase your website’s conversion or subscription rate and improve its usability. It allows users to split test anything with different types of landing and offer pages. You can set landing pages to test headlines, videos, etc. and compare their performance.

You can also use split testing for multiple designs on newsletter subscription and create experiments for comments on a blog post or time spent on any page. Every page can be set up to display the percentage of the time, and you can also set split tester to rotate via unlimited URLs.

#9. A/B Theme Testing


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A/B Theme Testing is another useful plugin that allows users to analyze the difference between multiple WordPress themes with minor tweaks or entirely different designs. There is no need to have the coding knowledge or be an SEO expert to get the most out of this plugin.

You can just distribute your viewers among both themes evenly and compare the performance based on your parameters. The theme lets you run full-scale split tests and eventually helps you to improve the conversion rate of your website.

#10. SES Theme Split Test


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SES Theme Split Test plugin allows users to set two separate templates and experiment both of them with differences that may enhance the usability regarding conversions or subscriptions. You can track the performance of both in Google Analytics using custom segments. There is another option available; you can set a URL parameter to select a particular theme. This technique will help you to apply multiple themes one by one while developing split themes yourself and do the experiment to compare their performance.



So, these are all the best WordPress A/B Test plugins that our team has used personally from quite a long and find these trustworthy to use on your websites.

Split testing has become essential for the marketing of any website because it directly helps you to know which marketing tactics are working and which are not, and make changes accordingly. You go through the deep analysis and take decisions based on them, which results in better conversion rate and saves your money as well as efforts.