Millions of people use AdBlock extensions to block Ads in the website, especially the mobile adblocker are getting extremely popular nowadays. The use of adblocker by viewers is getting increased globally day by day, which eventually results in economic loss for website owners because most of the revenue gets generated through these advertisements.

Last year the ad blocking saw the growth of approximately 42%, which is sufficient to discourage advertisers as well as thousands of bloggers who work hard and provide useful content to the viewers through their websites.

Though, there are multiple Anti Adblock plugins available for those bloggers who have built their websites on WordPress, Here in this article, we have listed some of the best anti-adblocker WordPress plugins that are simple to use and offer great functionality.

Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins

#1. Adblock Notify Pro


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It is a perfect solution for website owners who generate most of the revenue through advertisements. The plugin detects the Adblocker and logically convinces your audience to disable it while visiting your site. You can decide when the notification should pop up in front of viewers.

The plugin is customizable so you can change the style of the popup directly from your WordPress theme and it also allows users to manage the settings of Adblock notification for all the websites from one place. The plugin is mobile ready and includes multiple templates to choose from.

#2. Adblock X


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This powerful plugin does analysis and lets you examine the impact of adblocker on your website. You can sign in with a single account to the interactive Adblock X Portal and see the real time data for multiple sites with the help of sorting and filtering options. It displays information about unique visitors, page viewed with Adblock enabled or visitors having an active adblocker on their device etc.

It has a neat interface and provides visuals like grids and graphs for daily data. You can also view visitors by the type of their devices such as a tablet, desktop or mobile. You can download information on a spreadsheet by selecting dates. You can try to convince visitors to whitelist your website by creating custom messages and showcase them as per your choice.

#3. Block Adblock

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It is easy to set up an anti Adblock WordPress plugin that provides fast and straightforward functionality. All you need to do is just install the Block Adblock plugin and click on Kill Adblock Settings on your WordPress admin panel.

Immediately a window will appear from where you can enable of disabling kill Adblock, create a custom message, display or not display close button on the message and choose from Sticky Bar, Full Screen, and Flying Box to showcase the notification. If you select, the full-screen option, then viewers won’t be able to see the content of your website until they whitelist your site or disable the ad blocker.

#4. Simple Adblock Notice


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It is another easy to use anti Adblock WordPress plugin that displays notification to the viewer if the adblocker is enabled. The Simple Adblock Notice offers a free basic version with limited facilities and let you set the frequency of the notification.

If you want extra features then you need to upgrade to the premium version where you can create your own custom message and change the titles as per your choice. Users can also decide on which page the notification will appear. Users can pick Strict Mode that detects the adblocker and hides the content of the entire website unless the viewer whitelists it or disable the adblocker.

#5. Ad Blocking Detector


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The plugin lets visitor view your website content only if they disable adblocker. Ad Blocking Detector provides some shortcodes to the users and it allows them to display a custom message instead of the original content. The plugin integrates an in-built tool that offers two alternative collections of content, one of them display notification like an advertisement to those who don’t have adblocker enabled and other one like a message to those who have ad blocker installed. The plugin uses shortcodes and sidebar widgets and smartly decides which one needs to be displayed to the viewer.

#6. Anti Adblock Adspaces


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Anti Adblock Adspaces is a flexible WordPress plugin that not just prevents adblocker from blocking the advertisements on your websites but also helps you to increase the traffic. The plugin is easy to install and set up and performs effectively. It is compatible with latest versions of WordPress and in case you get stuck anywhere, you can contact the support team to help you out.

#7. Anti-AdBlock Script


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It is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows users to showcase advertisements of their website despite of having the adblocker enabled on the viewer’s device. This ultimate solution to prevent ad blocking has been developed by Adbreach and can be downloaded for free.

The plugin creates advertisement pictures that cannot be restricted and saves ads with different names for Adblock users. In simple words, the plugin blocks the adblocker through its smart functionality. You can register and manage your pop ups to avoid their blockage by adblocker too.

#8. Monitor AdBlock


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Monitor AdBlock is a less popular but highly stable anti AdBlock WordPress plugin that hides the content of your website from those viewers who have adblocker enabled on their devices. The plugin shows a notification to the visitors and asks for whitelisting your website as per your choice. You can create your own custom message to decide what should be written in the notice.

The plugin also stores insights in the Google Analytics so that users can see the impact and find out many pages were viewed by the Adblock users. It gets updates on a regular basis and is compatible with latest versions of WordPress too.

#9. Sorry AdBlocker


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Sorry AdBlocker is recommended for those users who have coding knowledge because it requires two HTML codes to function and in case it doesn’t work then you need to check and edit your WordPress theme. The plugin, however supports multiple themes and detects viewers having  AdBlock software Crystal and other AdBlock tools installed on their systems.

It prevents such visitors from viewing the content of the website until they disable the adblocker and allows users to create custom message for the notification. You can also change the title of the message as per your preference.

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Over to You

Hopefully, the list of these best WordPress Anti AdBlock plugins that we have provided will help you to monetize your web content and increase the genuine traffic for the website as well. Feel free to share your experience with the above mentioned Anti AdBlock WordPress plugins with us, and we will also appreciate your worthy feedback.