15+ Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes of 2017

Earning online still has a lot of potentials. If you have tried your luck online, you know how much profitable it is to run an Amazon Affiliate website compared to other sources of revenue streams such as Adsense. Adsense has tremendous ability to earn money, but it is limited to a certain extent. Amazon affiliate program, on the other hand, has no limit whatsoever.

Today, we will go through the best Amazon affiliate WordPress themes of 2017. WordPress has already shown how diversified it can be. The ecosystem helps WordPress to gain the place it has now. It has almost every theme and plugin you can wish for. And, if you didn’t get what you wanted, you can always go forward and hire a WordPress developer to work on your idea. That’s being said; there is no need to hire a WordPress developer to create WordPress Amazon affiliate themes. The market already has a lot of free and paid WordPress themes to fit your needs.

Affiliate marketing is on the rise, and many people are showing interest in selling items on With WordPress themes catered for the sole purpose, you can kickstart your WordPress affiliate store in no time. Custom creation of websites for WordPress affiliate program can take the time to harness and establish, and that’s why ready-made WordPress themes are always better compared to a custom solution.

Without much Ado, let’s get started with the collection of best Amazon affiliate WordPress themes.

WordPress Amazon Affiliate Themes

#1 Affiliate Board

Affiliate Board

Demo & Download

Affiliate Board is an all-rounder when it comes to creating online presence. Selling items/products/services becomes easy with the theme. The theme can be used for selling affiliate products. This brings Amazon within the radar. One of the most important features of the theme is the ability to track statistics and performance. This way, you can know where the website needs customization and hence improve it accordingly.

This Amazon affiliate WordPress theme also supports different niches such as landing pages, webinar registration pages, authority blogs and much more. The theme comes at the cost of $97 for the core package, $197 for publisher package and $297 for the pro package. The pricing is on the higher side, but it is worth the investment.

#2 Price Compare

Price Compare PremiumPress

Demo & Download

Price Compare is one of the best Amazon Affiliate Marketing themes out there. The design is one of the strongest aspects of this WP template. It offers extensive options panel, great custom product specs and easy to build sliders and tables.

The theme also comes with drag and drop comparison tool. The tool makes the theme a unique entity in the Amazon Affiliate WordPress theme market. As a user, easy drag and dropping items mean comparison on the go, enabling them to make a decision much faster. The theme is completely responsive and will not have any issues running on portable devices. Product reviews are also done right in the theme. It showcases the power of the theme in this department.

#3 Clipper

Clipper WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

Clipper is a popular coupon based WordPress theme. And, why should I write about a coupon based WordPress theme in an Amazon Affiliate WordPress theme?

Because it is easy to earn a lot of money from listing the coupons from Amazon and WordPress affiliate stores. Many online entrepreneurs are using this strategy, and the are quite satisfactory as well.

With the help of the Clipper theme, you can quickly build a coupon website. The theme helps you add coupons quickly and also makes you use integrated payment system such as PayPal, without any difficulties. You can also opt for the other kind of the payments methods from their marketplace. Clipper is a responsive WordPress theme and also offers the ability to hide the affiliate links. This can help you earn more through your visitors. Read Full Review –>.

#4 CouponPress

Best WordPress Coupon Themes

Demo & Download

Are you planning to set up a product coupon website, where you add affiliate links from Amazon store, list out discount coupons and earn money for those referrals you make? If so, you should seriously think of going for WordPress Coupon Theme, which comes from the PremiumPress Themes.

The theme has been packed with some superb features such as better admin options, 100% responsive design, integration with around 20 payment gateways, SEO friendly design, ability to cloak your affiliate links and the power of customizability. You can also customize the way how you are getting paid and what happens when a person clicks on a coupon.

#5 Rethink V2

Rethink amazon affiliate wordpress theme

Demo & Download

Rethink V2 is an Amazon Affiliate WordPress theme from InkThemes. It is responsive in nature and offers great review system. The theme is great for creating an affiliate marketing and earning quick commissions. The theme can be used for different purposes including creating it for technology products, software, mobile phones, and others.

With responsive layout and fast loading time, you can easily rank higher on the Google. The theme also comes with an info bar plugin that enables you to take care any messages to show to customers or ask them to subscribe to the mailing list. The theme also comes with 16 pre-defined banners. The banners are customizable and enable you to use them for pop-up message purposes.

#6 REHub

REHub Affiliate marketing WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

REHub is a hybrid WordPress amazon affiliate theme that offers great features out of the box. You can use the theme for creating a directory, shop, coupon or WP affiliate stores. It is a great fit for affiliate marketing as well. With tons of features, you will never be short of any functionality that you might need. It comes with a support of 3 shop plugins, the EDD, Ecwid, and WooCommerce.

For the starters, it offers an amazing 5 different design layouts for WooCommerce. You can easily use Amazon affiliate program with this website. Customization is easy too as it comes with Visual Composer. Another important aspect of the theme is the shortcode support. With shortcode, you can quickly reveal buttons, show countdowns, price tables, offers lists and much more. Any affiliate marketing websites have their Ad space and the theme does provide an enhanced Ads option for churning in more revenue. The theme is also optimized for speed and hence can easily rank higher in SEO.

#7 Authority

Authority WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

Authority is a fantastic blogging WordPress theme that can be of big help if you are trying to create an amazon affiliate WordPress blog. The theme is high on customization so that you can practically use the theme to build a blog on any niche. The theme is based off the high success website of Matthew Woodward.

The theme offers affiliate links insertion, fully responsive design with unquestionable optimization so that you will find no compromise in performance. Other features that you get with the theme are about four unique home page layouts, Schema Integration, off canvas mobile menus, social media integration, Adsense ready, powerful options panel, highly readable formatting and layout design, parallax scrolling and a bunch more.

Overall, this Amazon affiliate theme covers all necessary requirements of a user and also gives him a similar platform layout to that of the most famous affiliate marketers in the industry.

#8 Kingdom


Demo & Download

Kingdom is a trendy, new Amazon affiliate theme for WordPress. The full-width slider and several page templates will be useful in ensuring a jumpstart for your website. Developed on the AA-Team framework, Kingdom comes with all the necessary customization options. The WPML-ready theme could be translated into other supported languages. The retina-ready theme will make sure that your website looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.

#9 Price Compare


Demo & Download

This is one of the best themes for creating price comparison or Amazon affiliate sites. The premium design of the theme will help your website to stand out from the crowd. As the theme developers have put particular emphasis on loading speed, you can enjoy lightning fast loading speed with Price Compare. As the theme supports all the popular payment systems, it is a lot easier to monetize your website. The fully responsive theme also features custom shortcodes and complete Google Fonts support.

#10 Compare

Compare WordPress marketing Theme

Demo & Download

Compare is yet another affiliate marketing WordPress theme. The theme offers a built-in price comparison. The price comparison can easily be leveraged by any affiliate marketing template. The theme offers an excellent choice of the vast array of usage including entrepreneur websites, personal blogging, and affiliate marketing sites.

This template is completely responsive and comes with options that are easy to modify and work with. The theme also supports localization and different currencies.

#11 MoneyFlow

MoneyFlow affiliate template

Demo & Download

MoneyFlow theme is perfect for beginners as it offers one-click install process and also includes the best SEO optimized settings. Customization features of the theme are excellent with a lot of options available within the theme panel to quickly customize every bit of the theme. With custom colors, you can easily customize the look and feel of the theme. It also supports more than 600+ Google Fonts and offers a great typography control scheme.

#12 Digi Seller

DigiSeller wordpress affiliate program

Demo & Download

Digi Seller is an amazing WordPress theme from Templatic. With this theme not only you can sell goods online, but you can also start your affiliate program. The theme supports almost all free or premium WordPress affiliate plugins. Besides, Templatic also offers 10+ payment gateway add-ons to accept payments online. The theme comes with six different design layouts along with other customization features available through the theme customization panel.

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#13 Zeno – Amazon Affiliate Theme

Zeno amazon affiliate wordpress Theme

Demo & Download

Zeno is a WordPress theme that is made for just one purpose, Amazon affiliate marketing website. According to the official theme page, you can create an Amazon affiliate site in a matter of minutes. The most impressive aspect of the theme is the sole target of Amazon marketplace.

With Amazon support, you can quickly search for products directly from the dashboard and pull in all the necessary information with the help of a single click. With minor changes, you are all ready to publish the product on your website with the affiliate link. Yes, it is this easy! There is no limit to pull in product details and this way you can create great niche based website with this theme. The theme is also SEO friendly and will bring you traffic if you do both on-page and off page SEO right.

Other Important Readings:

Which One Did You Choose?

To get started, you need to choose a theme. The above list of best Amazon Affiliate WordPress theme provides you enough options to get started. Affiliate marketing is the number one source to earn money online.

We hope you loved the collection. If you think that we missed a certain theme, don’t forget to comment below and let us know about it. Also, share the article with your friends and peers.


  1. John Castorina

    I am one of the biggest fans of Amazon affiliate sites. After all this is how I make money.
    I am always in need of new Amazon affiliate WordPress themes that somehow allow me to make more affiliate commission. Thank you for the nice share. Interestingly, I haven’t tried any of these themes which means I now have 10 WordPress themes added to my collection for future use.

    • Diederik Visser

      Hi John

      I am just starting out on this which theme would you suggest for my blog which I want to turn into aan affiliate site.

  2. Ziaul Haque

    Thanks for this post, actually i want to open Affiliate work.
    and this Theme help for me.
    I am one in every of the most important fans of Amazon affiliate sites. in any case this is often however I build cash.

  3. Madhav

    Being an affiliate marketer, I can tell (based on my years of experience) that a theme has not much to do with your affiliate earnings. Even if you buy the best theme but you end up putting duplicate or spun content on your website, it won’t work.
    You should aim for a nice and professional theme and then make your content stand out from the crowd.

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