WordPress is a fantastic framework – and developers have built excellent themes on top of it. Some of these themes and the framework itself are extremely versatile. This list will go through some of the most amazing WordPress themes ever built. These themes are an example of how versatile and customizable a framework like WordPress is and how many possibilities it brings to the table.

While WordPress itself is a completely free and open source framework, these themes were developed and designed by hard-working developers and designers who love what they do. Premium amazing themes such as these cost a lot of man hours to produce. This is not an easy job, because of how many technical complexities it has to deal with. The choice is what WordPress has built upon – and everything in WordPress is always an option.

Amazing WordPress Themes



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Soledad is a magazine based WordPress theme. The theme is modern and offers excellent visibility to search engine. The design of the theme is eye-catching, and a clear emphasis is given to images and typography. The black and white combination works perfectly for the theme. If you are not comfortable with the color combination, you can always choose different colors from the theme option.

Key Features of Soledad:

  • Great customization using theme options and theme customizer
  • A completely mobile responsive design
  • Multiple layout Option
  • Support custom header, menus and featured images.


Amazing WordPress Themes

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Divi is one of the most flexible and feature-rich stunning themes out there. Divi comes bundled with Divi Builder, a custom builder that is designed specifically for Divi. It allows you to customize every single page without touching a single line of code.

Divi comes with over 40 different modules you can place anywhere on any page and make the theme exactly how you want. The possibilities are endless, and everything is fully responsive. Read Full Review ->.


Amazing WordPress Startup Themes

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BeTheme is one of the most flexible and customizable Amazing WordPress themes to choose from. It is fully responsive and can morph into any design and layout you could imagine. The theme comes bundled with over 180 pre-built layouts to choose from and they can be applied in a single click. BeTheme truly is one of the most versatile themes built for WordPress.



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Salient is one of the most amazing WordPress themes out there, mostly because of its simplicity and customizability. It is fully responsive and features over 1000 high-resolution icons to support high DPI displays with animated SVG support which is something not found very often. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and comes with fully narrated YouTube tutorials to help you through everything you would want to customize.



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This WordPress amazing theme is focused on an interesting niche – directories. The Directory theme allows you to build robust, responsive and reliable directories without doing all of the work associated with such a complicated project. Everything is custom-built to support this look and idea – and it works almost too well.


Clipper WordPress Theme

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Selling and sharing coupons have turned into a pretty good business these days. Clipper is a theme specifically designed to host a website where you can share all sorts of coupons with your users and monetize it. This amazing WordPress template comes with some unique features such as advanced link tracking and a full-blown statistics system. Read Full Review ->.


Amazing WordPress Templates

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Corporate is an incredibly responsive theme meant to be used to promote your business – as is evident by the name. It comes bundled with Themify Builder giving you the opportunity to build every page by dragging and dropping elements. The theme also supports video backgrounds and animated colors. Plus it comes with various pre-made animations for any element you want to use them with.


HireBee Amazing WordPress Theme

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Hirebee is a unique theme – this is not just a theme, but a whole platform to host a marketplace. While the theme itself is targeted towards hosting a freelance marketplace, you could use it for whatever you want. Hirebee is built on top of the Foundation Framework and is fully responsive.


Pricerr WordPress Theme

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Pricerr is an amazing WP theme that integrates with some of the most well-known payment systems and is intended to be a marketplace – just like Hirebee. The theme supports private messaging, multiple currencies, an integrated credit system and can be installed in a few simple steps. Read Full Review ->.



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QAEngine – just as the name suggests – is a WordPress theme designed to be a QA website. QAEngine will let you set up a website where your users can ask, and answer questions in seconds. The theme is fully responsive and comes with unique and interesting features suited for the exact purpose of QA.

Fudge 2.0


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Fudge 2.0 is a fully responsive WP template that puts the focus on letting you build a beautiful website to host your events – but not only that, it puts the focus on hosting a conference specifically.

Fudge comes with a custom-built Event Composer letting you build the pages for your events exactly how you want them to look. It also comes with full support for over six different payment platforms and comes bundled with translations in 8 languages from the get go.



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Mondree and Fudge are quite similar regarding features. Both are responsive, comes with eight language translations, and are focused on letting you build the best website for hosting an event. Mondree, however, features a completely different look and feel, and comes with some other features such as some beautiful countdowns.


Woffice Amazing WordPress Themes

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Woffice is an amazing WP template that attempts to follow the Material Design guidelines by Google. It is fully responsive and utilizes advanced technologies to make the whole website work as seamlessly as possible. It is being extremely flexible, so you can use it for whatever you like. It also comes bundled with over six premium plugins and comes with a translation in over ten languages.



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H-Code is one of the most popular themes around, as it is not only simple to use and navigate but also powerful and extremely customizable. It is fully responsive and comes bundled with many useful plugins allowing you to customize all the aspects of it without ever touching a single line of code.



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Bridge is a fully responsive theme designed to help you make a beautiful website for your business. It is highly customizable with over 150 different layouts to install from a single click. It also comes with full documentation, well-commented code, and video tutorials to help you through anything you might encounter while customizing the theme.



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Kleo is an extremely customizable, fully responsive amazing WordPress theme that allows you to build amazing websites with ease. Kleo comes bundled with Visual Composer, letting you edit the layout of every page by simply dragging and dropping elements and never touching a single line of code. It also comes with WhatsApp & LinkedIn integration and 25 different demo layouts that can be applied with a single click.


Extra WordPress Amazing Template

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Extra is a beautiful fully responsive theme that comes with support for WooCommerce and is bundled with the Divi Builder. Extra comes with six custom-made modules for Divi Builder, allowing you to build your page layouts as you want. Extra also comes with a fully customizable header and a custom-made Mega Menu, giving you the opportunity to make the whole website look exactly as you want. Read Full Review ->.


Jupiter Amazing Template

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Jupiter is a highly customizable and optimized amazing WordPress theme. It comes with over 50 different templates to choose from, each of which you can apply with a single click. It also comes with a custom Admin Panel that comes with an advanced header editor and background editor. It also features over 100 custom-built elements you can use wherever you like and 18 different pre-built header styles to choose from.



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Flat tries to capture the current design trends being adopted by every major company. A flat modern design language that speaks with its bright colors rather than artificial fabrics. This astonishing Flat theme comes bundled with Themify Builder giving you tons of options for customization and it comes with some brilliant pre-made animations to use at your discretion as well.



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Infinite stays true to its name – it supports infinite scrolling. The theme itself is quite simple and uses bold fonts and an elegant design language – but where it takes the cake is the infinite scrolling feature. The theme allows you to go through an infinite number of posts when your users scroll down the page, giving your users easy access to the other content you have to offer.



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StartIT is an astounding theme that attempts to give an online home to your business. A beautiful, flexible, and fully responsive theme that comes with some nice animations and effects. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and comes bundled with Visual Composer and Layer Slider.

It features some beautiful particle animations and custom-built elements you can use however you like. It also has fully support for over 600 fonts from Google Fonts and can be easily translated to any language using simple po/mo files.


OneEngine WordPress Theme

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OneEngine is highly customizable and fully responsive single-page theme. It features smooth animations, an elegant design and a fully custom layout builder to go along with it. It also comes with full support for amazing parallax and video backgrounds that are completely customizable. Read Full Review ->.



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The Newspaper theme is designed specifically for you to host newspaper websites – somewhere you can host a ton of articles or videos in an elegant and intuitive design. The newspaper comes bundled with a drag and drop Page Builder allowing you to customize every page exactly as you want. It also integrates with WooCommerce and bbPress.

Genesis Framework


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The Genesis framework is something unique – it is not only a theme in itself but also a framework that will support further development on top of itself. There are hundreds of themes built using the Genesis framework – on top of the WordPress framework.

The reason something like Genesis exists is to make the life of a developer easier, by giving better tools to the developers and making the life of a user easier, by providing better customizable options to the users.


Brixton WordPress Blog Theme

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Brixton offers a fantastic design with a lot of customization options and features. With over 1500 sales in less than one year, Brixton plainly amazes its users with its fast loading capabilities. More to add is its SEO friendly design which could make you rank in search engines quickly. Features like unlimited color codes, Facebook widgets, different post types, full-width/ boxed layouts are some the extensive features offered by this theme.



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ShopKeeper as the name suggests, is a fantastic WordPress theme designed to let you host a shop, something that is pretty hard to do. ShopKeeper is a fully responsive theme and comes bundled with Visual Composer so you can change the layout of any page however you like. It comes with multiple pre-built page layouts and header styles to pick from, and lets you showcase your products in the most beautiful way possible.


Adsense Ready WordPress Themes

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Bimber is a beautiful, stunning template designed to make your content go viral. It comes bundled with the MashShare plugin allowing it to feature share counters, and custom-designed share buttons to encourage viral sharing of your content. The theme is fully responsive. However, there is not much to offer regarding flexibility for design and layouts.



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GossipBlog takes WordPress back to its roots and is simply a theme focused on letting you blog gracefully. A very straightforward and clean theme that is fully responsive and puts all the emphasis on the content. It still does come with options, though – over ten different homepage layouts to choose from, four different headers to pick and full support for WooCommerce.



These were some of the most Amazing WordPress themes you could have ever asked for. WordPress is an amazing platform, and these themes make it even more amazing. These themes represent what WordPress is built upon – a solid yet flexible foundation that can give you infinite possibilities and take you as far as your imagination can.