Unless you were not on the planet for the past few months, you have noticed a new kind of pop-ups, asking you to send notifications for latest updates of the site.

These are called web push notifications. While we used to receive these notifications on our smartphones, they are slowly getting to our desktop as well. These days, you can configure your WordPress site to send push notifications to your visitors.

In today’s post, I will show you how to enable push notifications for your WordPress site? As you can guess, you have to use a plugin for doing that. There are both free and premium plugins. I will discuss both types. Before we get to the plugins, let’s take a moment to find out why you should use push notifications.

Why Use Push Notifications

There are various reasons to use push notifications on your WordPress site, such as –

  • Enhanced Engagement: Push notifications work almost the same as an email list, except they are better at enhancing engagement. Your visitors need to open the emails to check out the content. But push notifications don’t have any such obstacle. That means you can establish a direct communication channel with your audience.
  • Increased Traffic: As people opt into your push notifications, they are interested in your niche. Therefore, it is safe to assume they are an important part of your target audience. And if you continue to share great posts, you will soon find the push notifications to be a leading source of traffic for your website.
  • More Page Views: Most of the popular sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are using push notifications to get visitors back. You can use these notifications to get more page views for your posts. Make this a goal to provide value, and you will enjoy the outcome in the form of more page views.

Now that you know why push notifications are important; let’s find out which plugins are available for this purpose.

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#1. OneSignal – Free Web Push Notifications


Download Link

OneSignal is the best free plugin for sending push notifications to your website visitors. Once you install and setup the plugin, you can send the notifications every time you publish a new post. It is also possible to send notifications when the visitor hasn’t visited your site for a specific number of days. The notifications could be sent even if the visitor is not on your site.

It is possible to send notifications to a particular group of users. The available targeting options include language, the number of visits, etc. And apparently, you can customize the prompt text and notification text. Thanks to the built-in real-time analytics feature, you can find out the actual performance of your notifications. It is possible to run A/B tests to find out the best-performing message. The plugin supports all the major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is also possible to display the notifications in the Android version of Chrome.

#2. PushCrew


Download Link

PushCrew is another popular plugin for enabling push notifications on your WordPress site. You just have to install and activate the plugin, and the code will be automatically added to your site. As the plugin supports both Chrome and Firefox, you can quickly show the notifications to most of your visitors.

Along with the notifications for a new post, it is also possible to send notifications at a particular time. That means you can quickly promote your new offers when most of your visitors are online. What’s more, you can customize each notification by providing unique images.

The plugin supports segmentation, which means you can send customized notifications to a specific group of visitors. You can target specific geography, interest, etc. It is also possible to control multiple websites from a single Pushcrew dashboard.

#3. Roost Web Push


Download Link

This is another useful WordPress plugin for enabling push notifications. Roost Web Push supports the PC versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox along with the mobile version of Chrome. By default, the plugin will send a notification every time you publish a new post. However, it is possible to choose specific post categories to send the notifications. Even more, you can send notifications when you have updated a post.

You can customize the style and text of the notification prompt. The integrated charts will help you in analyzing the notification performance. You will find detailed information including the percentage of engagement, the total number of subscribers, the total number of notifications, etc. The recent activity section provides live updates about the subscription, notifications, page views, messages, etc.

#4. WebEngage Feedback, Survey and Notification


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If you want something more than just push notifications, you can try WebEngage. This handy plugin allows you to send custom notifications, gather feedback and run surveys. For the notifications, you can choose any of the available layouts, use the rich text editor and apply custom CSS. It is also possible to define the events when the notifications should be displayed.

Thanks to the built-in monitoring tools, you can easily track the performance of your notifications. The plugin also allows you to target specific visitors by geography, cookie, total time spent, URL patterns, referring source, etc.

And if you want to enable push notifications on a non-English site, WebEngage could be the best choice for you. While the plugin is already available in 42 languages, you can easily translate it into other supported languages. So far, we have discussed the free plugin to display push notifications. Now, let’s take a look at the premium ones.

#5. Desktop & Mobile Push Notification System


Download Link

This is an excellent premium solution for enabling advanced push notifications on your WordPress site. Along with the regular versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, the plugin also supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices. The plugin also enables you to send desktop notifications.

Thanks to the integrated geofence feature, it is possible to display customized messages to visitors from different locations. You can send notifications for various events like the post, comment approved, new comment notifications for the author and guest, post updates, etc. You can schedule notifications to be sent on a particular time.

As the plugin works perfectly with WooCommerce and BuddyPress, you can easily use this to send notifications to your e-commerce store or online forum. The plugin supports RTL layout, which means it is also possible to translate the plugin into other supported languages.

#6. WP Mega Push Notifications


Download Link

This is another premium WordPress plugin for displaying the push notifications to your visitors. The plugin allows you to send notifications to all the main browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It also supports Android devices.

Once you set up the plugin, it will display notifications to your subscribers as soon as they appear online. It is also possible to alert the existing commenters about a new comment on the post. Your visitors can subscribe to get notifications of new posts in particular categories. There is a dedicated settings page where they can update their subscription preferences.

The plugin works with WooCommerce, which means it is possible to send notifications to your e-commerce customers as well. As the plugin is fully compatible with WPML, you can easily translate it into other supported languages.

#7. Visual Composer Popup Notifications


Download Link

Visual Composer Popup Notifications allows you to show notifications for your posts and pages. To use this plugin, you will need Visual Composer 4.2 or newer versions of your WordPress site. There are lots of customization options for your notification. You can choose various things like the position, in and out effects, notification theme, delay time, etc. In total, there are six notification themes available for you. It is also possible to use any of the 439 Font Awesome icons inside your notifications.

The plugin supports custom shortcodes from other sources as well. Therefore, you can easily include contact forms, products, registration form, etc. in the notifications. You can make the notification sticky or choose to auto-hide it after a specific period.

#8. Push Notifications for WordPress


Download Link

This is another premium solution for sending push notifications to iOS, Android, Fire OS devices and Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. As the plugin works perfectly with custom post types, you can quickly send notifications for any post you want.

Creating user groups is an interesting feature of the plugin. This feature allows you to send targeted notifications to specific user groups. Doing this can increase the engagement and keep your readers interested. What’s more, it is also possible to let the users choose what notifications they want to receive.

Thanks to the integrated analytics, you can quickly find out detailed information about the overall performance of your notifications. As the plugin is fully ready for localization, you can use this to send notifications on any supported language you want.

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Over to You

Sending push notifications could be an excellent way to communicate with your visitors. Now that you know which plugins are available to do that, you should get started as soon as possible. Let me know which plugin you have chosen by leaving a comment below.