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WPDean - About UsWPDean provides free WordPress tutorials for beginners, theme reviews, plugin reviews, and WordPress optimization strategies. We’re helping WordPress users of all types MAKE THEIR WORDPRESS SITES BETTER.

We want to help you create a site that you can manage without the need to pay an expensive website developer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or you’re an advanced user. Thanks to WordPress you can easily manage your own site.

WPDean can help you along the way.

But, building a great site is much more than learning how to install themes and plugins. It’s about applying techniques to attract search engines. It’s about applying techniques to keep your visitors interested. And, this is where WPDean really shines.

The WordPress Dean

My name’s Brent, and I’m the owner of WPDean.

I really like the internet. I mean… I REALLY like the internet. I’ve spent years learning different aspects of creating websites.

In college, while my roommates were going to clubs, I’d be teaching myself HTML or going through tutorials on how to use Photoshop and Illustrator.

As time went on, I’d be teaching myself CSS as my wife and son sat by me watching TV at night.

I worked in digital marketing agencies so that I could know the ins and outs of creating sites that are optimized for Google (which is probably how you ended up here reading this now).

At other times, I’d be working on how to make money online using techniques such as pay-per-click marketing, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce.

WPDean is a labor of love for me, as it brings everything that I love about the internet together in one place. I hope that you sense that as you read through the content on the site.

The site has grown beyond a “guy and his site” and now has multiple talented people contributing to help you get the most out of using WordPress. 

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We look forward to helping you build your site and achieve your goals. Drop us a line if you need any specific help. You can reach us here.


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